BiKo Label Remover - Adhesive Remover

Flasche mit schwammaufträger

Easy removal of adhesive paper labels with Biko Label Remover
How to use:

To easily and safely remove adhesive labels by using a refillable pen or pump-action bottle spread the Biko-Label Remover evenly on to the label.

Mode of action:
Biko-Label Remover penetrates into the paper and eliminates the adhesion of the label glue. After a short time the label can be removed easily without damaging the underlying surface.
All kinds of stickiness like superfluous glue disappear.
Available as refillable pens (adhesive remover pen) and in pump-action bottles.
Pump-bottle (250) with atomizer produces very fine spray results.
Spray volume per stroke : 0.15 ml + / 0.05

Example of use:

  • Easier and safely removal of adhesive labels,
  • prices etiquettes,
  • address -and product sticker (e.g. from packets, drums, canisters, container)
  • removes and solves labels and adhesive residues.
Line breadth 5 mm – contents 10 ml Line breadth 10mm – contents 20 ml

Test on concealed area before use.

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