FLOCK® Cleaning emulsion

FLOCK® Cleaning emulsion for hands

is a cleaning emulsion for hands, meeting highest requirements.

Right from the beginning we followed our philosophy to use only renewable and natural materials for the production of this product.
FLOCK® Cleaning emulsion is a mild and eudermic, alkali-free emulsion, nourishing your skin every time you use it.
FLOCK® Cleaning emulsion is free from any lumps which could block drainages and tubing.
Persistent dirt like e.g. oils, fat, soot, bitumen and oil-based colours can easily be removed.

Instruction for use:
Please do not dampen your hands!

Put FLOCK® Cleaning emulsion on your dry hands and clean them thoroughly, rubbing in the cleaning emulsion. Afterwards use some soap to emulsify it and wash your hands with water.

FLOCK® Cleaning emulsion does not only clean your hands efficiently, but also nourishes them every time you use this product.

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