FLOCK® Multi cleaner

Field of application

  • For industry and private household
  • An all-purpose cleansing agent which removes dirt from surfaces and keeps them clean. Very high cleaning effect against fat and oil-based dirt.

Product features

  • This cleansing agent contains compatibly tuned surfactants, ethanol and complexing agents.
  • Does not contain phosphates.
  • Easily biodegradable
  • Due to the product’s formula, this cleansing agent is alkaline.

Processing instructions

The agent should be directly sprayed onto the surface to be cleaned, using an atomizer or a commercially available spray bottle. Allow the agent to work in for a moment and clean the surface with a moistened cloth. A cleaning machine can be used alternatively. The agent should not dry up on the surface to be cleaned.
Due to the alkaline pH value, the agent should not be used on aluminium materials.

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