FLOCK® Professional Cleaner

  • For production, factory and household
  • High cleaning effect against fat and oil – based dirt

Available in:

  • FLOCK® Multi cleaner
  • FLOCK® Strong cleaner
  • FLOCK® Glass cleaner
  • FLOCK® Cleaning emulsion
  • FLOCK® Insect remover
  • FLOCK® Hand cleaning emulsion

FLOCK® Multi cleaner The agent should be directly sprayed onto the surface to be cleaned, using an atomizer or a commercially available spray bottle. Allow the agent to work in for a moment and clean the surface with a...

FLOCK® Strong cleaner This cleansing agent contains compatibly tuned surfactants, ethanol and complexing agents. Does not contain phosphates. Easily biodegradable Due to the product"s formula, this cleansing agent is al...

FLOCK® Glass cleaner FLOCK Glasreiniger Reinigt ohne Schlieren und Streifen. Löst schnell umweltbedingte Schmutzablagerungen, fettige Niederschläge und Nikotin. Ideal für Fenster und Spiegelflächen.

FLOCK® Insect remover Befreit Glas, Lack, Chrom und Kunststoff schnell und mühelos von Insekten.

FLOCK® Cleaning emulsion is a cleaning emulsion for hands, meeting highest requirements. Right from the beginning we followed our philosophy to use only renewable and natural materials for the production of this product. ...

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