Retouching Products for Textilen Currently the most modern and best retouching agent. The use of Textilan-pens enables the retouching of nearly all usually occurring faults. However, as wrongly retouched places cannot be remedied, Textilan products should only be used with extreme caution.

Marking of textiles Our products have excellent fastness properties, which differ according to the type of fibre material used

Marking of surfaces Clean, legible and durable marking on many materials

UV Preparations It is invisible in day light.

Stamping Ink These products are special marking dyes, that can be stamped on to fabric with metal or rubber stamps.

BiKo Label Remover Easy removal of adhesive paper labels with Biko Label Remover

FLOCK® Professional Cleaner For production, factory and household. High cleaning effect against fat and oil – based dirt

Prospects Downloads For viewing and printing the Pdf-data you will need- Adobe Arobat Reader

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