FIXON® Special Mesh Adhesive

This product was specially developed for woven fabric, knitted ware and tufting-industry.

It is very difficult to correct faults made by dropped stitches or broken threads which may occur during production e.g. by stretching.

FIXON® Mesh adhesive is used in these cases. The fault is covered with the adhesive which dries very quickly. In this way, the fault is sealed off and cannot spread further.

If the fabric is to be cut, it is advisable to spread the adhesive along the whole cutting-line. This prevents stitches from running.

The adhesive has excellent fastness, therefore, the fault can be ignored during further processing.

As in the case of merchandise that has been repaired by sewing, imprints are not encountered when products treated with mesh adhesive are rolled up.The adhesive can also be used for other materials.

The FIXON® Special Mesh Adhesive is delivered in canisters holding approx. 1 litre or in tubes containing 100 ml.

Directions for use:

Screw off tube cap, cover the fault with the adhesive and wait until dry. Close the tube well after use.

To avoid problems, preliminary trials should always be carried out before use

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