Labeling of textiles

FIXON® Textile Marker the most modern, most practical and easiest method of writing on fabrics.

FIXON® Textile Marker UV fluorescent suitable for the especially developed sensors, which can be used individually for recognizing by UV fluorescence marks.

FIXON® Special Mesh Adhesive This product was specially developed for woven fabric, knitted ware and tufting-industry.

FIXONI Textile Marker is applied, where a lasting and durable marking of textiles is demanded.

Mark Textile Pen A150 Water Erasable from most fabrics

MARK Textile Pen Wash Resistant without additional fixing

UV Preparations It is invisible in day light.

Retouching Products for Textile, NOOP® Burling pens, FIXON® Textile Marker, FIXON® Industrial Marker, UV Preparations, Fabric Stamping Ink, FLOCK® Professional Cleaning Products