Poyester Leads

Are used to remedy finest faults in plain and 100% synthetic fabrics.
The polyester leads are very fast when pressed. However, their other fastness properties are less than those of NOPP-sticks and Textilan-pens.
In the cloth manufacturing industry the polyester leads are used for retouching faults caused by half – and or – 100% synthetic fibres in worsted cloth and smooth woven fabrics.
The polyester leads can also be used for cotton material and 100% synthetics.
In the garment industry polyester leads are used to eliminate small faults at the end-control.
The advantage of polyester leads is that they contain very little, respectively no fat and, therefore, cause no grease spots when ironed.

Polyester leads are available in the following colours:

Not at all. Colors available!

No. 1 / white, No. 4 / yellow, No. 60 / black, No. 70 / red, No. 82 / medium brown, No. 96 / dark brown, No. 104 / green,

Holders are used for carrying and employing the polyester leads. Every holder is equipped with a pencil sharpener so that the polyester leads can easily be sharpenend.

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