Textilan pens - Retouching Pens

Using our retouching pen almost all textile mistakes could be retouched. Wrong retouched places can't be removed. Textiles preparations should be used only with extreme care.

With standard textilan pen only bright errors can be retouched. Through new developed Textilan pen RS - based on selected content of materials - quick retouching of dark colours in suitable tone is possible.

The Textilan Pen are available in all 150 colours of the big colour card and 100 colours of the Jeans colour card.
Through transmittal of textile samples it is possible to produce special colours.

Textilan-Pen are refillable and can be delivered with fine and breadth nib:

with stripe width approx. 0,5 mm with stripe width approx. 1-2 mm with stripe width approx. 5 mm

Pens can be refilled with Textilan Ink. Available in 250 ml and 1 litre bottles.

It is important that not too much Textilan-Inks is filled into the filter. The Textilan-Pen will then „blot“ as the excess Textilan-tincture cannot be absorbed by the filter. In general, 2-3 millilitre are enough for one re-fill.

A filling pipette can be used for filling the pens.

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