Textilan-Pen RSW

The retouching Textilan Pen RSW is one of our new products, widening the range of retouching pens. Due to its ingredients, the Textilan-Pen Water offers you a wider array of applications than ever before.

Textilan-Pen RSW aqueous is free of organic solvents.

Right from the beginning, we aimed to design a product that is both, environmentally friendly and user-optimised. Therefore the product is not subject to any dangerous goods- declaration.

Thanks to the use of high-quality pigments only, we achieve brilliant colours and highest covering.

Special adhesive agents guarantee a permanent lamination of fibre up to 60 degrees Celsius/centigrade.

The Textilan-Pen RSW are available in all 149 colours of the big colour card and 100 colours of the Jeans colour card. White is not available.
Through transmittal of textile samples it is possible to produce special colours.

Textilan-Ink RSW are for refilling the Textilan Pen RSW, available in 250 and bottle with atomizer 50 ml.

Textilan-Pen RSW are refillable and can be delivered with fine and breadth nib:

Textilan-Pen RSW 200 - stripe width approx. 0,4 mm Textilan-Pen RSW 1- stripe width approx. 0,6 mm

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