Textilan Valve Pen - White

The Valve pen No. 1 and K-200 is used for retouching dark colours. Available only in white.
If a dark spot has been lightened too much, it is easily possible to level this out with darker Textilan-Ink when dry.

Textilian Ink no. 1 white are for refilling the Textilan Valve Pen, available in 250 and 1000 ml.

Textilan Valve Pen - White are refillable and can be delivered with fine and breadth nib:

Textilan Valve Pen 200 - stripe width approx. 0,4 mm Textilan Valve Pen 1 - stripe width approx. 0,6 mm Textilan Valve Pen K200 - stripe width approx. 1 mm

Directions for use Valve pen No.1 and 200:
Shake the Ventil-pen thoroughly before use so as to mix the white colour well. The rattle of the mixing ball must be heard clearly.
Before use press the tip „carefully“ inward until the white colour has flown into it. Then the retouching may begin. When the tip stops giving colour, again, press / pump so that colour can flow into the tip once more.

The Valve pens No.1 and 200 can be refilled with Textilan-tincture No.1

Directions for use Textilan Pen Nr. K-200:
Shake pen well.
Take off cap, before the first application hold pen upside down and briefly de-aerate by simultaneously pressing the tip (for example above a paper or cloth).
If Ink stops to flow well, press again.
Replace cap after use.

Textilan Valve Pen K-200 is not refillable.

Tests should be carried out before use.

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