Textilian Inks - Retouching Ink

Textilian Inks are for refilling Textilan-pens. All Textilan Ink are mixable with each other and can be diluted, or lightened, with our special thinner „V3“. Therefore, it is very easy to create in-between shades on the spot.

The Textilan-tinctures, as also the Textilan-pencils, are available in all 150 colours of the colour chart and in 100 colours of the jeans colour chart, in 250 ml and 1 litre bottles.
Special colour shades can made on request and on sending fabric samples with faults.

Textilan Inks are highly inflammable. The appropriate safety and protection precautions must be observed. On the grounds of experience, however, it is sufficient when windows in the retouching room are always open and the room is well ventilated.

Technical remarks:

It is comparatively easy to retouch spots. As far as stripes and streaks are concerned, the fault will have to be „broken“. It is not advisable to retouch the whole stripe, but to apply small dots to the fault, so that a gradual transition into the adjacent fabric areas is obtained.

In general, the Textilian-pen with the fine tip is used.
Skilled retouchers use the thick (course) tip, however, this includes a bigger risk. Specialists employ brushes or spraying guns.

To avoid problems, preliminary trials should always be carried out before use.

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