Fabric stamping Ink Fx

Bleach and colorfast stamping ink to label from cloth, leather and all popular fabrics.

Color resistant against chemical cleaning compared with acid and alkaline media as well as higher temperatures and compression load. Clearly and durable marking.

No damage of the fabric /cloths, gently in the application. Drying time: approx. 5 minutes according to room temperature and absorptive capacity of the marking fabrics.

Suitable for rubber, metal mark and special photopolymer printing plates. Ink pad or ink machines are recommended as color subcarrier (medium).

This article is available in: white, red, yellow, orange and black colors.
Each colour can be prepared on the wishes of the customer.


Bottle: 50ml, 250 ml und 1000 ml.

To avoid problems, it is advisable to carry out preliminary tests before using the Fabric stamping Ink Fx.

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