Stamping Ink K2

Aqueous dispersion of acrylic polymers with part of pigments and additives, free from aromatic solvents.

Stamping ink K2 for smooth and rough surfaces. Advantages of the stamping ink K2: Clean, well readable writing on many materials. Writes on metal, plastik, glas.

Due to watery base, well compatible on the surfaces which own a solvent incompatibleness.
Information to the VOC: <5%

Suitable for all rubber or metal stamp and special photopolymer printing plates.
Ink pad or ink machines are recommended as color subcarrier (medium).

Packaging: Bottle 250 ml and 1000 ml.

This article is available in: white, red, yellow, blue, green, orange and black colors.
Each colour can be prepared on the wishes of the customer.

To avoid problems, it is advisable to carry out preliminary tests before using the Stamping Ink K2.

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