UV Ink Water-based

UV inks No. 4886 and 4887

The formulations of inks No. 4886 and 4887 are based on water-borne systems. The ink/pen can be used for marking and work better on well absorbing surfaces.
The UV inks 4886 and 4887 are transparent solutions and UV pen are filled with. The marks adhere excellent. Under UV-light (366nm, black light ) can be well seen and shine in blue or green.

The UV marker 4886 / 4887 is capable for marking the starting line during thin layer chromatographically analyses (TLC).

Available as refillable UV pens and in pump bottles.
UV Pens is refillable with a line breadth of approx. 2mm or 0.5 mm.

The inks to refill are delivered in:
- 50ml. bottle
- 250ml. bottle
- 1000 ml. bottle

Pump bottle with spray is available in:
- 50 ml. bottle with atomizer.

Spray volume per stroke : 0,5 ml +/-0,2
- 250 ml. Pump bottle. Spray volume per stroke : 1,2 ml ± 0,1
- 1000 ml. Pump bottle. Spray volume per stroke : 1,2 ml ± 0,1

Please store pens horizontally at room temperature!
Protect against frost!
Ink Shake well before use!
To avoid unexpected problems tests should be carried out before use.

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