FIXONI Textile Marker

During the development of our product the following requirements were very important:

- an easy application for applying the color is done with a color pencil.
- short drying time
- Explicit and durable marking, resistant to acid and alkaline media as well as high temperatures and compression load.

According to this application we offer two line strengths:

By this our product is capable for the use as permanent marker for different textile finishings.
The marking of professional clothing (laundry) is an area in which our product can be used successfully.

Application note for: FIXONI Textile Marker K Series

Shake pen well.
Take off cap, before the first application hold pen upside down and briefly de-aerate by simultaneously pressing the tip (for example above a paper or cloth).
If Ink stops to flow well, press again.
Replace cap after use.

Test on concealed area before using.

Application note for: FIXONI Textile Marker N series

Pens shake well before use. In writing position, press down repeatedly on nib until ink appears.

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