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These products are special marking dyes, that can be stamped on to fabric with metal or rubber stamps.

Available colours:


Packaging: canister containing approx. 250ml, 1 litre.

For cleaning the stamps we recommend our special thinner, available in three types:

Type normal drying
Type AC fast drying
Type Pa slow drying

Instructions for use and description:

The stamping dyes have an excellent quality of fastness. The dyes have been tested under the following conditions:
Soda / soap washing, boiling under pressure in caustic soda (NaOH), bleached and treated at different temperatures with diluted acids.

It is obvious, that due to the nature of the stamping-inks they take longer to dry than FIXON Textile Marker.

Because the amount of stamping-ink used is much less than that of fabric-writing-dyes, it is clear that the stamping ink can only be applied in special cases, and certainly cannot replace fabric-writing-dyes.

To avoid problems, it is essential to carry out tests before use.

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