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UV Textilan Pen for marking of textiles.
Available as refillable pen in two sizes:

Pen with fine point

Pen with broad point

Refill in 250 ml and 1 litre bottles available.

In the case of UV-inks and the necessary accessories, it is the author"s opinion that this is the best, cheapest and simplest method of UV marking. "Textilan-UV-luminescent dyes , filled with UV-Textilan-ink, resemble know felt tip pens. Before marking, simply remove the cap and mark the desired position and that is the end of the job. The ink is absorbed by the cloth, i.e. it adheres and is invisible.
Obviously, the fabric should not have been intensively treated beforehand with optical brightener, since this itself illuminates under UV light. After the marking operation, the cap should be replaced on the pen to prevent the UV-ink from evaporating.

It is easy to refill the pens and in addition, worn individual parts, i.e. the writing point and filter can also be replaced. To refill the pen, a small pipette is used and the pen itself holds about 2 to 3 ccm. If the pen is overfilled, there is danger that the pen will overflow or leak.

The UV-ink is built up on the basis of aromatic hydrocarbons. It can naturally also be applied with a brush or with a spray gun.

Visibility under UV-light

Visibility under standard light

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