Stamping Ink

Fabric Stamping Ink These products are special marking dyes, that can be stamped on to fabric with metal or rubber stamps. Available colours: white, yellow, orange, red, gren, black,

Fabric stamping Ink Ax stamping ink washable from most fabrics.

Fabric stamping Ink Fx Bleach and colorfast stamping ink to label from cloth, leather and all popular fabrics. Color resistant against chemical cleaning compared with acid and alkaline media as well as higher temperatur...

Fabric stamping Ink Wx Ink usable for stamping cloth, leather and all common fabric.

Stamping Ink K2 Aqueous dispersion of acrylic polymers with part of pigments and additives, free from aromatic solvents. Writes on metal, plastik, glas.

Retouching Products for Textile, NOOP® Burling pens, FIXON® Textile Marker, FIXON® Industrial Marker, UV Preparations, Fabric Stamping Ink, FLOCK® Professional Cleaning Products