UV Fluorescent Marker

UV Fluorescent Marker to label, sign, paint nearly all materials :
Wood and more...

Very high luminosity, when UV light falls on the marked object.

UV Fluorescent Marking pen is a marker containing a combination of special ingredients suited for the use in the visible area of light (visual perception) as well as for the use in the UV area (366 nm). It is also suited to the use under black light.

Permanent ink, wipe and waterproof, Xylol free, dries quickly (approx. 5 secs.)

Available in:
Yellow - UV fluorescent marker 4949
Red - UV Fluorescent marker 4848
Orange - UV Fluorescent marker 4747
Blue - UV Fluorescent marker 4646
Green- UV Fluorescent marker 4545

UV Fluorescent Marker are refillable and available in sizes:

Line breadth 2 mm - contents 8 ml
Line breadth 5 mm - contents 8 ml
Line breadth 10 mm - contents 20 ml

Refill in 100ml , 250 ml and 1 litre bottles available.

Pump bottle (250ml) with atomizer produces very fine spray results. Spray volume per stroke : 1,2 ml ± 0,1

UV Fluorescent Lumineszenzsensor Marker

Different materials and theirs surfaces can be marked safe with UV Fluorescent Marker.

Marker for Luminescence sensors (UV sensor marker)
Suitable for the especially developed sensors, which can be used individually for recognizing by UV fluorescence marks.
The UV customary markers, which can be recognized only in the ultraviolet light (black light), can be detected without any problems with the Luminescence sensors. Our fluorescence UV marker compared with UV customary markers (so also compared with our UV permanent marker) offers the essential advantage, that it can be recognized in the visible area (Daylight) for the human eye as well as under UV – light (black light) and for Luminescence sensors.
Our newly developed UV fluorescence marker opens wide application spectrum and offers according to problem formulation the right solution.

Test on concealed area before using.

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